For the past six years, West Virginia University’s WECAN sustainability program has awarded the Ecolympics trophies to the top campus building and residence hall that recycled the most material per capita and lowered their energy consumption during the month of October.

This year, Stalnaker Hall and Summit Hall will be sharing the title of first place. With the combination of points for recycling, energy conservation, and individual participation in Ecolympics events and activities, these two residence halls received the same competition score. During the month-long competition, Stalnaker Hall recycled 900 pounds of material and conserved energy by 10 percent, while Summit Hall recycled 1,600 pounds and conserved 11 percent of energy. Individual points earned by residents’ participation in Ecolympics events and activities also factored into each building’s overall score. Both winning residence halls will receive up to $1,500 in prizes and will share the traveling trophy.

The staff from Construction Services located in the PDC building will be recognized for their efforts in the competition as they take first place in the campus building category. During the competition, they recycled more than 100 pounds of material and reduced energy consumption by 17 percent. Employees will be awarded the honorary Ecolympics trophy during a free two-hour work release celebratory luncheon.

In the individual category of the Ecolympics competition, Stephen Scott from Honors Hall will be crowned the 2013 Ecolympian for his outstanding performance during the challenge. The individual competition is made up of a series of events that students and staff can attend, as well as a list of individual actions they can take to live a ‘greener’ lifestyle. Stephen participated in eight events and activities to reach a total score of 145 points. Stephen will be rewarded with a green-themed prize package and Ecolympian medal.

WECAN congratulates all of the Ecolympics winners and reminds staff and students that while the formal competition has come to a close, sustainability efforts make a difference year-round. The Ecolympics competition is a kickstarter meant to encourage sustainable campus living and long-term sustainability habits by Mountaineers.

WVU sustainability efforts integrate the principles of people, planet, and prosperity through a variety of WECAN events, initiatives, and programs. To learn more about these, visit



CONTACT: Stephanie Toothman, operation coordinator, Facilities Management

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