West Virginia University Police will conduct major reviews of campus-wide building emergency plans during June.

University Police is key in the University’s preparedness efforts, providing planning and training programs within the University community, and local, state and federal emergency agencies. In the event of a campus emergency regarding natural disasters, intentional or unintentional human actions, the UPD works with faculty, staff, and students to educate and establish emergency planning for the entire campus.

“Our objective is to prepare for potential emergencies whenever possible and deal efficiently with the effects of inevitable events, and to respond to save lives and protect property,” Chief Bob Roberts said.

“Our philosophy is to take steps in providing preparedness activities, programs and education prior to an emergency incident, to develop support and enhance response to an emergency incident,” he said.

Individuals identified as building supervisors will be the first point of contact. If no building supervisor is on record, individual schools and departments will be contacted on a case by case basis to determine the best representation of their respective areas.

In order to ensure the success of reaching the goal, civilian UPD employees will assist police officers

Preparedness planning operations are designed to reduce casualties, damage, and to speed recovery back to normal business and academic operations. Coordinated and uniform educational direction, control, warning, evacuation, other similar operations and appropriate communications is the highest priority.

For a more detailed description of emergency information, visit http://police.wvu.edu/



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