West Virginia University’s parking permit rates will increase slightly on Aug. 1, 2012, enabling the University to continue maintenance and improvements to the parking infrastructure as recommended in the Transportation and Parking Plan.

“Over the past year, the University has committed funding for projects to maintain and improve our parking structures and surface lots,” explained Hugh Kierig, director of Transportation and Parking.

These projects include deferred and preventive maintenance needs for the Mountainlair and Mountaineer Station garages, entrance improvements and maintenance for Area 7 on the Downtown Campus as well as capital improvements to expand the Water Tower parking lot on the Evansdale Campus and the complete renovation of Area 81 on the Health Sciences Center campus.

In addition to parking lot improvements, Transportation and Parking has purchased new short-term machinery to improve customer service in hourly parking areas with a greater range of payment options. The new equipment will accept cash, credit card and also have the ability to give change. Funds generated from the permit increase will be used to repair, resurface and rejuvenate additional parking surfaces and structures and purchase new equipment that will provide customer service enhancements.

The Department of Transportation and Parking is also implementing a long-term maintenance program that ensures repairs and upgrades focus on prevention rather than reconstruction.

For most employees who park in hard surface parking spaces, the increase will amount to a 75-cent increase per pay period. There will also be increases in gravel lot permits, garages, premium parking areas and student permits. For more information on the parking permit changes, please go to the Department’s website at http://transportation.wvu.edu/permit_renewals.

To help employees save money on fuel prices, commute costs and parking fees and to reduce area traffic congestion, the Department of Transportation and Parking has initiated a variety of alternatives to bringing a car to campus through WE GO!, which includes an “occasional parking program” and carpool and vanpool options for employees.

“Recently WVU provided Zimride online carpool matching, and the ‘Occasional Parking Program’ that provides employees who give up their parking permit with 18 free one-day parking passes per year,” said Kierig.

Employees have two options for purchasing a parking permit – payroll deduction or a one-time purchase at the beginning of the year using cash or credit card. If an employee chooses to change from one payment type to the next, they need to fill out a Parking Permit Change Form and submit it to the Parking Management Office.

Permit holders who wish to continue with direct deposit do not need to take any action – they will be automatically renewed for next year.

Employees who pay using the lump sum option and wish to continue in this manner will need to purchase their 2012 permit at the Parking Management Office at Mountaineer Station by July 31. Permits not purchased by that date will be sold to other employees whot do not own a parking permit.

For more information regarding the WE GO! programs and the parking permit rate changes, visit http://transportation.wvu.edu or call the parking office at (304) 293-5502.



CONTACT: Hugh Kierig; Department of Transportation and Parking

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