As the end of the school year approaches and parents look for wholesome summer fun for their children, West Virginia 4-H, part of West Virginia University, is offering a variety of summer camp choices that will entertain and educate.

For the aspiring firefighters, there is Junior Firefighter Camp. For the money savvy, there’s the NetWorth Academy, and for computer whizzes, there’s Wired and Wonderful Technology Camp.

The state has a long tradition of 4-H camp. In 1917, the first 4-H camp in the country opened in Randolph County. Since then, both county-level and statewide camps have continued to build life skills in youth of all ages.

4-H Youth Development experts at WVU recommend that parents consider both their child’s interests and well being in choosing any camp.

Because resident camps require multiple overnight stays, it’s important to choose day camps or those with fewer overnight stays if a child isn’t experienced with sleeping away from home. Parents should check any camp’s policies regarding safety and be sure that camp staff have been screened.

The camp’s educational activities should be suited for a child’s age, interest and level of experience with the topic. So if a child is a soccer veteran, he or she would benefit from a more advanced camp.

First-time campers can get some of their decision-making out of the way before going off to camp by choosing outfits for each day, rolling them up and securing them with rubber bands before packing. A plastic shower caddy and collapsible nylon hamper are also helpful organizers.

Here’s a list of this summer’s camps at Jackson’s Mill State 4-H Camp in Weston:

  • NetWorth Academy: Future Millionaires’ Club (June 7-11)
  • Older Members’ Conference (June 20-26)
  • Junior Firefighter Camp (June 26-July1)
  • Alpha I State 4-H Camp (July 11-16)
  • Wired and Wonderful Technology Camp (July 11-16)
  • Alpha II State 4-H Camp (July 18-23)


  • Camp Caesar in Cowen (Webster County) is hosting a Conservation Camp (June 14-19)



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What are some of your best memories of summer camp?