The risk of injury and illness can rise as the temperature falls, but a new West Virginia University Extension Service Web feature can help identify hazards and solutions for winter weather.

The Web feature, available at, can be found by clicking the “Read More” button to the right of the main photo.

The feature includes information for proper use of space heaters and generators. The site provides recommendations for properly venting appliances to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

How long does food stay safe in the fridge or freezer following a power outage? The Web feature provides links to USDA food safety guidelines, as well as information on properly storing drinking water.

Other resources include links to current road conditions, survival tips if you’re trapped in a vehicle during a blizzard and a check list for winter travel kits.

WVU Extension Service has offices in all 55 West Virginia counties, where our county agents are trusted sources for reliable, practical information. WVU Extension Service faculty and staff provide West Virginia citizens with access to the University’s research-based programs in health, nutrition, safety, agriculture, finances and 4-H and youth development.

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