The death of 18-year-old West Virginia University student Nolan Burch, and the details surrounding the circumstances leading up to his passing that were released today by the Morgantown Police Department, remain a sad and tragic situation.

WVU officials will continue to cooperate with the investigation, which is currently under review by the prosecuting attorney and pending receipt of the medical examiner’s report.

The safety of our students always comes first – and will continue to. Concern for our students is the primary reason a moratorium was placed on Greek activities Nov. 13, a day following the tragedy.

And while some events such as chapter meetings, philanthropic activities and educational programming are allowed, the ban remains in place for social activities with the exception of alcohol free/dry events, pending approval of plans (as of Jan. 20).

Alcohol abuse is an issue with which universities nationwide are grappling. West Virginia University remains committed to transforming the culture on its campus. Led by our student leadership, the University continues to work toward a meaningful change that will create a positive impact on our campus and local communities.



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