West Virginia University is home to one of the best student unions in the nation, according to Best College Reviews.

The Mountainlair, commonly referred to as the “Lair,” ranked No. 2 on the list, reflecting the investments colleges are making to recruit and retain students. Best College Review ranked the top 25 colleges that have campus student unions that are going above and beyond to accommodate and pamper their students.

“The Mountainlair is unique in that it’s situated between our academic and our residential hall facilities,” said Michael Ellington, associate vice president for Student Affairs and director of the Mountainlair. “Our daily traffic counts are approximately 31,000 people, which establishes our student union as one of the highest utilized facilities among our peer groups.”

The report says the Mountainlair is “incredible” and mentions features like its movie theater, bowling alley, video game arcade, pool hall and several lounges to accommodate all student interests for entertainment.

“Every Thursday through Saturday during the semester, the University hosts an Up All Night program in the Mountainlair for free food, movie screenings, game show activities, astro bowling and laser tag for students in a safe, alcohol-free environment,” the report said.

Best College Reviews’ ranking of college student union buildings is the most comprehensive to date and attempts to be all encompassing, using factors such as architectural notability and student satisfaction.

“WVU President Jim Clements has encouraged us to be on the cutting edge in all that we do, and the Mountainlair is no exception in trying to attain the lofty but attainable goal to expand the facility to meet our student needs,” Ellington said.



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