With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 quickly approaching, the Center for Democracy and Citizenship Education at West Virginia University is bringing educators and other experts together to take a new look at the attacks that took nearly 3,000 lives and changed the nation.

The center is sponsoring a colloquium – “A Time for Remembrance and Reflection: 9/11 and Beyond” – June 26-27 at the Erickson Alumni Center in Morgantown.

“The events of 9/11 changed our lives, from the way we look at foreign policy to national security,” said Robert Waterson, director of the Center for Democracy and Citizenship Education at the College of Human Resources and Education. “This colloquium is an opportunity to engage in meaningful discussion, with the goal of providing a framework for understanding the history and impact of 9/11.”

Nationally recognized scholars Diana Hess, an expert on addressing controversial issues in the classroom, and Jack Zevin and Michael Krasner, professors at the Queens College of the City University of New York and co-directors of the Taft Institute for Government, are slated to speak at the colloquium. Zevin and Krasner developed a curriculum that aids teachers in presenting Sept. 11 events to high school students.

Other presenters include Waterson and Mary Haas, faculty in WVU’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction/Literacy Studies who work with students planning to teach social studies. Waterson also hopes to bring in a couple of 9/11 survivors who can share their personal stories.

Discussions will address “Challenges for America in Dealing with 9/11” and “Critical Questions Regarding 9/11,” and there will be question-and-answer opportunities.

The colloquium, the first event in the CDCE Colloquium Series, is open to the public and represents a variety of perspectives, but is of special interest to educators and students planning to teach. Teachers may apply for three hours of professional development (C&I 930 Teaching Controversial Issues: 9/11 and Beyond) with the tuition waived by the Department of Curriculum and Instruction/Literacy Studies. Continuing education units are also available.

For registration information and the full schedule, see http://cdce.wvu.edu/home/current_programs/911_remembrance.

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