Dr. Sharon B. Hayes and Dr. Sung Hee Lee of the West Virginia University College of Human Resources and Education have been named the first recipients of the Chester E. and Helen B. Derrick Professorship Awards.

The awards, named for Kanawha County educators Chester and Helen Derrick, will support outstanding faculty research, teaching and service. Funding for the awards was made possible by a 2007 endowment gift from the Derricks’ estate, valued at more than $700,000, to the WVU Foundation, Inc.

Hayes is conducting a two-year study on “teacher noticing,” the process teachers use to pay attention to and make sense of what happens in the complexity of instructional situations. Lee is researching effective strategies for teaching students with disabilities to improve reading comprehension skills. Each recipient will receive a $2,000 award to support their research. HR&E’s Research, Service and Professional Development Committee conducted peer review of the applicants.

“The College of Human Resources and Education is extremely proud of Dr. Hayes and Dr. Lee and we recognize the importance of the Chester E. and Helen B. Derrick Professorship Awards to further research in education,” Lynne Schrum, HR&E dean, said.

Chester Derrick received his master’s degree in education from WVU in 1958 and taught at Hurricane High School. He was a principal at John Adams Junior High and served as a counselor at Charleston and George Washington high schools. He also worked for the City of Charleston, Charleston Newspapers, University of Charleston, and West Virginia State University. Helen Derrick was a middle school science teacher at Lincoln Junior High.

A reception for the Derricks, both deceased, and presentation to the faculty will be made from 4:30-6 p.m. Dec. 5 at the Fifth Quarter Steakhouse, 201 Clendenin Street, in Charleston. The event is open to all HR&E alumni and friends.

The WVU Foundation is a private nonprofit organization that generates and provides support for WVU.



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