Part of being a West Virginia University Mountaineer is working to better the community.

The current Mr. Mountaineer Dave Slusarick, a graduate student from Uniontown, Pa. studying educational leadership, and Ms. Mountaineer Macy Miller, a graduate student from Romney studying nursing, are individuals who embody what it means to be a Mountaineer.

Slusarick and Miller recently contacted the American Red Cross in an effort to increase the awareness of blood donation on the WVU campus, utilizing their position as Mr. and Ms. Mountaineer.

“The gift of a blood donation is invaluable. By giving just one hour of your time, you can help save up to three lives,” Miller said. “This partnership with the Red Cross is crucial to increase student involvement and blood donations. As a registered nurse, I have seen first-hand the life-saving capability of blood transfusion, and I am honored to be able to promote and implement this mission throughout WVU and my community.”

Slusarick commented that he is a three-gallon blood donor and a former campus blood drive sponsor.

“Macy and I are excited to help mobilize the community and to bring more awareness to the important work the Red Cross does,” he said. “WVU has a high standard of community engagement, and I know that if we all work together, we can see an immediate increase in donations, volunteerism and partnerships.”

This partnership comes after the Red Cross is recovering from their lowest blood collections in a decade. Slusarick and Miller will help increase blood donations by becoming the voice of Red Cross Blood Services on campus, will work with the many blood drive sponsors on campus and promote the launch of the “Mountaineers Donate Blood” Facebook group.

The new group will become a hub of information for blood drives on campus. Students can visit the page to locate blood drives near them and volunteer opportunities for community service hours. Students will also find links to information about blood donation, answer questions about blood donor eligibility and points-of-contact to schedule a blood drive with their group or club.

“At WVU, our Mountaineer Creed calls us to dedicate our energy and talents to civic responsibility,” Slusarick added. “One great way to fulfill this call is to support the mission of the Red Cross by donating blood regularly, or volunteering to work at the drives. Our students, faculty, staff and community members have the power to set a positive standard at WVU and beyond.”

The American Red Cross encourages students to log onto “Mountaineers Donate Blood” on Facebook and explore the options for becoming a blood donor, scheduling a future donation or volunteering.

Most healthy individuals who are at least 17 years of age, 16 years of age with parental consent and weigh a minimum of 110 pounds are eligible to donate blood. Individuals 18 years of age or younger must also meet specific height and weight requirements. Individuals should bring their Red Cross blood donor card or other form of positive ID when they come to donate.

The Greater Alleghenies Region of Red Cross Blood Services serves more than 90 hospitals in parts of six states and must have nearly 1,000 people donate blood or platelets on average each weekday to meet the needs of hospital patients.

More information about the Red Cross can also be found at

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