West Virginia University will conduct a test of its emergency alert system, which includes sending text messages, on Monday, Aug. 30 at 10 a.m.

The system, which requires users to sign up for the alerts, is activated when there is an immediate threat on campus (Emergency Alert) or when weather conditions require a change in University scheduling (Weather Alert). Anyone can register to receive an alert.

“The system plays a key role in getting information out quickly to students and others on campus,” University Police Chief Bob Roberts said. “With the beginning of another academic year, it’s important to make sure as many people as possible have signed up and are familiar with the system.

“Monday’s test will enable those new to the system to experience it, and others to become reacquainted,” he said.

Users can sign up at http://emergency.wvu.edu/alert.

When activated, the system will send a text alert to the registered phone number (or email or both) identifying the emergency. An all clear is also sent when the situation is resolved. In addition to text and e-mail, messages are displayed on the more than 50 InfoStations located throughout campus.



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