From corn to kale, summer fruits and vegetables are popping up at farmers markets across the state. West Virginia University Extension Service now provides recipes and fact sheets for your favorite local fare on one website.

The site,, is a product of research-based nutrition recipes from WVU Extension’s Families and Health program. The program helps residents in all 55 West Virginia counties learn to make healthier lifestyle choices, like buying fresh foods.

The website currently showcases recipes, buying guides, and preparation and storing information. The featured fruits and vegetables include:

• Corn,
• Garlic,
• Green beans,
• Kale,
• Peas,
• Peppers,
• Rhubarb,
• Spinach,
• Strawberries
• Summer squash,
• Swiss chard, and
• Tomatoes.

Recipes range from black bean and corn soup, to spinach lasagna and even a frozen rhubarb yogurt. Printable versions of the recipes are formatted for easy use in the kitchen.

WVU Extension service offers year-round guidance and education for agriculture and nutrition. For more information on these or other WVU Extension programs, contact your local county office of the WVU Extension Service or visit



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