WVU President James P. Clements:

“West Virginia has lost a great friend and champion in Sen. Robert C. Byrd. He embodied what we hold so dear in the Mountain State: loyalty, commitment, hard work, honesty and faith. I respect so much all that he has done for West Virginia, West Virginia University and the entire nation. You don’t need to look far to see his lasting legacy – in energy research, transportation improvements, health care, education, homeland security, and more. We will miss his remarkable leadership – but long remember the principles by which he lived. His family, staff and colleagues are in our prayers.”

Health Sciences Center Chancellor Dr. Christopher Colenda:

“The passing of Senator Byrd is a sad event for his state and the nation. But it’s also a moment to celebrate a long life rich with achievement – a great life. When we named the Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center it was to honor his unsurpassable dedication to improving the health of all West Virginians. His legacy will continue to benefit West Virginia for decades to come.”

Interim School of Medicine Dean Dr. James Brick:

“Senator Byrd’s love for West Virginia and the people of West Virginia will be remembered and recognized for decades to come. Many years ago he told me that the most important vote that he ever made while in the state legislature was the one to begin the construction of this medical
center. He honored this commitment throughout his career in public service. He was a great man.”

President Emeritus and Professor of Law David C. Hardesty, Jr.:

“Robert C. Byrd was a lion of the Senate, and as such, a staunch advocate for West Virginia, and for the constitutional prerogatives of the legislative branch. He clearly will be remembered as one of the great legislators in the history of our republic. He worked with senators on both sides of the aisle. He insisted that he worked “with presidents” not for them. His understanding of the institution of the Senate was informed not only by years of experience, but also by disciplined study that resulted in two well regarded historical works: a history of the senate of the United States and a history of the senate of the Roman Republic. He will long be remembered for the progress he helped West Virginia to achieve, and for his insistence that recipients of grants he helped to obtain administer them properly and to maximum effect. Susan and I will always cherish our meetings with him: they were lessons in history – firsthand accounts of the most important events of our time.”

Forensic Science Initiative Director Max M. Houck:

“Sen. Robert Byrd was a champion for the nation’s civil servants who worked in public forensic laboratories. His vision and efforts provided resources, such as scientific evaluations, training, and novel projects, to thousands of forensic scientists nationwide, helping them to do their jobs faster, better and more effectively. Through Sen. Byrd’s work, the WVU Forensic Science Initiative, in conjunction with the Forensic and Investigative Sciences Program and other forensic endeavors at WVU, have created a center of outstanding forensic education, research, and expertise at the University. Academic areas at WVU as diverse as the natural sciences, social sciences, biometrics, computer science, economics, accounting, and management now collaborate to provide better and more accurate information to catch criminals and defend the innocent. National standards in forensic science education were created through a project that Sen. Byrd supported, resulting in higher quality forensic degree programs; thousands of forensic professionals have received much-needed continuing professional education. WVU is synonymous with “forensic” thanks to Sen. Byrd’s leadership and support.”

Director of Transportation and Parking Hugh Kierig:

“I think it’s safe to say that the PRT being located here and the continued funding for its operation and maintenance were a direct result of Senator Byrd’s efforts. He was a visionary in identifying and promoting new transportation modes and seeing how they could be used in modern society.”

Director of Athletics Ed Pastilong:

“WVU’s athletic department lost a great fan today. As with all West Virginians, we are saddened by the death of Robert C. Byrd. His entire life was devoted to the betterment of the people in our state, and he was a true Mountaineer.”

President and CEO of WVU Alumni Association Stephen L. Douglas

“Today we lost an extraordinary gentleman. Senator Robert Byrd served his state and nation tirelessly, always remaining steadfast in his commitment to serving West Virginians and its flagship university. His unwavering service to West Virginia University was recognized through his induction into the Order of Vandalia in 1992.”

Vice President of Research and Economic Development Curt M. Peterson

“Robert C. Byrd was a leader of unflinching analytical ability, staunch devotion to principle and integrity, a tremendous capacity for compassion and a strong connection to the people he served that was framed and defined by a shared West Virginia heritage. Perhaps above all else, Senator Byrd was deeply human—a man capable of understanding the lessons history teaches, the change that society requires, and the critical need to do good in a challenging world. To West Virginia University, Senator Byrd was a mentor and a supporter of unparalleled vision, ability and generosity. America and West Virginia will miss his wisdom, his focus on the guidance of our US Constitution, his zeal for helping people and his love for his fellow Mountain State residents. We shall forever remember his legacy of service.”



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