West Virginia University President Gordon Gee his obsession with bow ties might not be completely healthy. And, based on the 1,000 bow ties that line his Blaney House bedroom walls, he’s telling the truth.

In addition to those bow ties, he has another 1,000 in retirement. For those that were retired long ago, he has actually made some of those into bow tie quilts, which he has either given to his twin granddaughters or hung up in his office.

Gee started wearing bow ties when he was 15 years old. His first was a simple dark bow tie that he admits he probably wouldn’t even buy today. That first one turned into another and another and another – each more colorful and intricate. Now, he always searches for the next one to add to his growing collection.

But, it’s more than a bow tie to Gee – it provides him with a sense of self and individualism. And, that’s of upmost importance to him. In his latest GeeMail, he shares how crucial it is to embrace your unique qualities and always stay true to your sense of self – and style.



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