The key to building wealth is not how much you know, it’s what you do every day. That message is at the heart of the Wealth-building Basics programs being conducted by Ron Hatfield, West Virginia University Extension Service’s financial management specialist

As a family law attorney who has witnessed the havoc wrought by poor money-handling skills, Hatfield is committed to helping people of all ages build their capacity for developing their wealth.

As an educator who knows that it is easier to build productive behaviors than it is to change destructive behaviors, Hatfield looks for ways to take wealth-building skills to youths.

Hatfield joined the WVU Extension Service faculty in 2009. His specialties include estate planning, bankruptcies, family law and personal financial planning. He earned his bachelor’s degree in history and government from WVU Institute of Technology in 2002, his master’s degree in business administration from the WVU College of Business and Economics in 2006 and his juris doctor degree from WVU College of Law in 2006.

Hatfield can be reached at 304-293-8759 or