West Virginia, where one analysis says Donald Trump has more support than anywhere in the country, is a perfect fit for the presumptive Republican nominee in the 2016 presidential campaign, the head of West Virginia University’s political science department says.

“Trump has done especially well with white voters, older voters, and voters with relative low levels of education,” says Scott Crichlow, “and West Virginia stands out in that it’s in the top five states, nationally, on all of those measures.”

Crichlow adds that Donald Trump’s slogan, “Make American Great Again,” aligns perfectly with what citizens in the state have been hearing for years from their own leaders, Republicans and Democrats alike. “West Virginians have been told continually that the federal government is waging war on them. In that political environment, it’s no surprise that many West Virginia voters are eager to upend the Washington establishment,” said Crichlow.

Trump is scheduled to make campaign stops in West Virginia on Thursday. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is also planning visits the same day. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, made stops in West Virginia earlier in the week. West Virginia’s primary election is Tuesday, May 10, which several polls suggest Trump and Sanders will win.

As the primary approaches, Crichlow is one of a number of WVU experts available to offer insight and analysis into political issues in the campaign and/or the race in West Virginia. He can be reached at 304.293.3198 or by email at scott.crichlow@mail.wvu.edu.

Additional WVU faculty include:

John Deskins is director of the WVU Bureau of Business and Economic Research and an associate professor in the College of Business and Economics. He can be reached at 304.293.7876 or John.Deskins@mail.wvu.edu.

Brian Anderson is the director of WVU’s Energy Institute and the GE Plastics Material Engineering Professor of Chemical Engineering. He can be reached at 304.293.6631 or Brian.Anderson@mail.wvu.edu.

James Van Nostrand is director of the Center for Energy and Sustainable Development and associate professor of law. He can be reached at 304.293.4694 or James.Vannostrand@mail.wvu.edu.

Michael McCawley is the interim chair in the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences at the School of Public Health. His areas of expertise include miners’ health, air pollution, air quality, fracking and community assessment for environmental issues. He can be reached at 304.293.8042 or mamccawley@hsc.wvu.edu

James Friedberg from the WVU College of Law offers expertise in international law, including the law of war, human rights law and United Nations law. He can be reached at 304.293.7400 or by email at james.friedberg@mail.wvu.edu.

Michael Blumenthal, visiting professor of law and director of the Immigration Clinic at the College of Law. He can be reached at 304.241.1518 or 757.383.5035, or by email at michael.blumenthal@mail.wvu.edu.

Joshua Woods is an associate professor of sociology. His research has focused primarily on the social and psychological responses to terrorism and other perceived threats. He can be reached at 304.293.8843 or by email at joshua.woods@mail.wvu.edu.

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