The national headquarters of Delta Tau Delta fraternity has indefinitely suspended a colony at West Virginia University as a result of a video posted by a local member as an audition for a cable television program.

Additionally, the colony and the student face possible disciplinary action by WVU’s Interfraternity Council and Office of Student Conduct.

“It’s unfortunate that the actions of one individual sully the reputation of an entire organization, but the attitudes and behavior lifted up in this video are inconsistent with the values of Greek life in general and this University in particular,” said Roy Baker, associate dean of students and director of Greek life.

“It’s unfortunate that this comes at the same time when almost 1,000 Greeks spread out over our community last Saturday for more than two dozen community service projects,” Baker said. “That is certainly more indicative of what Greek life is about.

“I’m also pleased to see the IFC take its own steps to deal with the situation,” he said.

The IFC Executive Council issued a statement Monday saying the incident will be reviewed with the colony’s leaders, and the Council “will impose appropriate sanctions in response to violations of the IFC Conduct Code that are clearly identified throughout the video.”

The IFC said the video, posted on the students personal YouTube account, “included a tour of the Delta Tau Delta chapter house while making inappropriate comments toward women, describing social functions that violate the conduct code of the IFC, and referencing activities that violated and are contradicting to the values of the national fraternity.”

The council is “saddened that any member of the fraternity or sorority community would represent their organization and the University in this highly inappropriate manner,” the statement said. “This video simply does not represent the values that all fraternity men and sorority women agree to uphold when they accept membership in one of our organizations.

“The Interfraternity Council firmly will not tolerate this or any type of unacceptable behavior from fraternity members at West Virginia University,” the IFC said.



CONTACT: Jason Broadwater; Division of Student Life

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