A West Virginia University faculty member has gathered an extensive group of experts to examine how sport is organized in Latin America. This is the first book of its kind to be published in English to offer a sweeping analysis of sport in the vast region.

Gonzalo Bravo, associate professor in sport management, College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, is the lead editor of Sport in Latin America. Policy, Organization, Management, a book recently published in London and New York by Routledge.

“The scope and breadth of the literature available on sport management and policy in the Latin American region is still limited. As a result, we felt it was extremely important to release this book to coincide with the arrival of the summer Olympic Games to South America in 2016,” Bravo explained.

Bravo, along with Co-editors Rosa L�pez de Amico Universidad Pedag�gica Experimental, Venezuela, and Charles Parrish, Western Carolina University, assembled a group of 30 scholars from all corners of the world to contribute to the 19 chapters of the book.

The editors focused on leading contemporary scholarship in management, policy, sociology and history. The chapters explore the role of public institutions, relationship between sport policy and political regimes, structure of governing bodies and professional leagues and impact of sporting mega-events in Latin America host countries.

Sport in Latin America. Policy, Organization, Management includes cases from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Peru and examples from Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela.



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