Keith Lawrence, vice president of Project and Facilities Management at the Education Management Corporation in Pittsburgh, has been selected as the new assistant vice president for Facilities Management at West Virginia University.

A proven leader in the area of facilities management, he will be joining the team in his new role on March 7, Sr. Associate Vice President Randy Hudak randy hudak announced. Lawrence comes to WVU with more than 20 years of combined experience in project and facility management.

“Keith will be providing oversight and management for one of our largest units within Facilities and Services. His extensive knowledge of budgets and leadership experience will be a great asset to the unit,” Hudak said.

At WVU, Lawrence will report directly to the Sr. Associate Vice President for Facilities and Services. His leadership role for Facilities Management Operations will provide strategic and tactical direction in resource, financial and personnel management for maintenance and operation of all University buildings and grounds.

“I am extremely excited to start working at WVU in the Facilities Management department as the assistant vice president. My leadership style is based on building a strong team environment where everyone is engaged in their work through open and honest communications while maintaining fair and equitable expectations,” Lawrence said.

Joe Patten has been currently filling the role of AVP on an interim basis. “I would like to thank Joe for his dedication and outstanding leadership in moving the unit forward,” Hudak said. Patten will transition into a leadership role that will oversee Planning, Design, Construction and Scheduling for Facilities and Services.



CONTACT: Phoenicia Keffer, Public Relations Manager, Facilities and Services

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