The West Virginia University Honors College has collaborated with WELLWVU: The Students’ Center of Health to create the testWELL Learning Center.

Ahmed Haque, a sophomore chemical engineering major, member of the Honors College and tWLC tutor, is the mastermind behind this collaborative strategy to combat stress and test anxiety- two of the greatest deterrents to a student’s success.

“There is a big difference between learning at the high school and college levels, and the transition can be tough,” said Haque. “Studying in college requires a different form of preparation and review than studying in high school, and as a result we must help students find a way to properly absorb, organize, and comprehend test material—and the best way to do this is to encourage students to develop a healthy balance when it comes to studying.”

Haque said the balance consists of three components of well-being: academic, emotional, and physical.

“The goal of testWELL is to help students acknowledge these three elements and increase awareness of resources available on campus,” said Haque. “Representatives from WELLWVU will teach participants techniques to achieve a healthy balance.”

The testWELL Learning Center, located in the Multipurpose Room of Honors Hall, is available to all WVU students. The Center offers a wide array of support services to help students reach their maximum academic potential and emotional well-being.

Haque has been working with Colleen Harshbarger, director of WELLWVU Office of Wellness and Promotion, to get the program implemented at WVU.

“If we want students to succeed, we need to take a holistic approach to tutoring,” Harshbarger said. “Effective study habits and test-taking strategies are important, but we also need to integrate relaxation techniques and stress reduction into tutoring sessions.”

“testWELL is a new program and still evolving; however, we’re excited that it’s up and running, and we will do whatever we can do to support it,” she said.

For more information and testWELL Learning Center hours of operation, visit or follow @testWELLwvu on Twitter.



Contact: Colleen Harshbarger, WELLWVU

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