Registration has opened for those wishing to attend the West Virginia University Tax Schools — an educational walk-through on tax changes that is open to professionals who want to help their clients manage their liability as efficiently as possible.

Presented by the WVU Extension Service Small Farm Center, the classes will take place in both Morgantown and Charleston, allowing tax professionals from all parts of the state to attend.

“This is a great example of how Extension programming can help residents of the state in unexpected ways,” claimed Tom McConnell, program leader of the Small Farm Center. “By strengthening the knowledge of the professionals directly involved in helping West Virginia residents and business owners manage their money, we can make a great impact in every community across the state.”

With more than 40 years of experience working for the Internal Revenue Service, Mark Ribas leads an expert panel that will present new interpretations of tax code enthusiastically — while creatively walking participants through this year’s changes. Joining him will be Susan Harper, who also brings her unique perspective on interpreting tax code from decades working with the IRS.

The Charleston class will take place on Nov. 2-3 at the Charleston Civic Center. The Morgantown class will take place on Nov. 4-5 at the Lakeview Resort and Conference Center.

Additionally, a special, one-day class centered around tax issues in farming, forestry and natural resources on Nov. 6 will also be offered in Morgantown. Subjects include farm taxes, timber taxes, risk management and more.

To register visit For more information, visit the tax school website at The classes count as continuing education opportunities, and all meals and breaks will feature food grown and produced by local farmers.

The WVU Extension Service provides educational opportunities to local communities through offices in all 55 West Virginia counties. WVU Extension Service’s programs are accomplished in partnership with individuals, families, businesses, civic groups and governmental organizations statewide and throughout the nation.

To learn more about WVU Extension programs, visit, or contact your local office of the WVU Extension Service.



CONTACT: Tom McConnell, WVU Extension Service Small Farms Center

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