Project Me: WVU student, track star uses talent, passion for musical expression to inspire others

As a talented violinist from Denver, CO, music has always been a passion and an outlet for Sydney Scott.

For Sydney Scott, music has always been a passion and an outlet. When she started her college career as a talented violinist from Denver, CO, West Virginia University gave her the necessary tools to express and develop her passion for musical expression through the music performance and community music program in the College of Creative Arts.

And that’s not all the training she receives at WVU. She’s also a member of the women’s cross country team.

Now, as she looks to the future, Scott wants to use her passion for music to help others as a music therapist.

Her story is just one of many in which students at WVU have pursued their passions while studying at the University. You can read more about her and students like her at

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