More than 900 high school students are taking one or more courses with West Virginia University this fall, and the ACCESS WVU Early College Program will expand in the spring with more online courses at a special introductory tuition rate.

In addition to the math courses that WVU offers with 36 partnering high schools, the following online courses will be available to juniors and seniors in the spring term:

ADV 201 Advertising and Society
ARHS 101 Landmarks of World Art
COMM 104 Public Communication
COMM 105 Introduction to Mass Media
ENGR 101 Engineering Problem Solving 1
ENGR 140 Engineering in History
HIST 152 Growth-American Nation to 1865
MUSC 115 Introduction to History of Jazz
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology

All of the courses, except Engineering Problem Solving 1, meet general education requirements at WVU and may be transferred to other accredited universities. The tuition for online courses is $150 ($50 per credit hour) except for Engineering Problem Solving 1, which costs $100 (2 credit hours).

Students must have a 3.0 grade point average, and the permission of their parents or guardians and school counselors. The deadline to apply is Dec. 6 and classes begin Jan. 11.
On Oct 21 at 4:30 p.m., the staff will hold a webinar to answer questions from students and parents. To sign up for the session or learn more about the ACCESS WVU Early College Program, visit or call 1-800-253-2762.



CONTACT: Greg Strimel, director, ACCESS WVU Early College Program
(724) 554-5562,

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