A 26-year-old man opened fire on a community college campus in Roseburg, Oregon, Thursday (Oct. 1) that left 10 people dead and seven wounded.

Experts at West Virginia University are available to speak about various aspects of college campus safety, security preparation, student resources and communication.

Bob Roberts, chief and director of the University Police Department, is available to speak on issues of preparedness, campus safety and emergency communication. He can be reached at 304.293.3136 or Bob.Roberts@mail.wvu.edu

Corey Farris, associate vice president and dean of students at WVU, is also available to offer commentary. Farris’ areas of expertise include student communication, campus resources and University services. He is available at 304.293.4491 or Corey.Farris@mail.wvu.edu

Alfred Kasprowicz, director of the WELLWVU Carruth Center for Psychological and Psychiatric Services, has extensive experience in crisis counseling, outreach and psychological services. He can be reached at 304.293.4431 or Alfred.Kasprowicz@mail.wvu.edu

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