In continuing to give landowners the information needed to make informed decisions about the natural gas industry, the West Virginia University Extension Service is offering residents opportunity to learn about pipeline right-of-way agreements during three educational programs taking place around the state.

The programs are identical, and take place in three locations from Oct. 12 – 14 to give landowners from different areas opportunity to attend. The programs start at 6 p.m. nightly.

The educational programs help West Virginia landowners consider all implications of pipeline right-of-way contracts. Participants can leave with a better understanding of contract details and considerations to protect their land and assets.

During the course of the evening, landowners can learn about topics in pipeline construction and the concerns to take in such; surface and landscape impacts; negotiating and understanding right-of-way agreements and understanding eminent domain.

“As more and more wells develop across the state, we’re seeing companies tying their resources together to build nationwide distribution networks — even if there isn’t a well site close, they may still want access to your property,” said Georgette Plaugher, WVU Extension Natural Gas Education Program coordinator. “Whenever entering a legal agreement it’s important to understand all the consequences, and we want to make sure that people have access to all the information needed to ensure a contract is mutually beneficial if they choose to enter into one.”

Presenters include Dave Messersmith from the Pennsylvania State University Extension Service, Brad Stephens from Stephens Law Office, PLLC and WVU Extension Service faculty.

The Randolph County program takes place Monday, Oct. 12 at the Tygarts Valley Middle/High School Cafeteria in Mill Creek. The Nicholas County program takes place Tuesday, Oct. 13 at the Summersville Arena and Conference Center in Summersville. Then the Lewis County program takes place Wednesday, Oct. 14 at the WVU Jackson’s Mill Assembly Hall near Weston.

For directions to those sites, contact the WVU Extension Service office in Randolph (304-636-2455), Nicholas (304-872-7898) or Lewis (304-269-4660) County, corresponding to the program you wish to attend.

For more information about WVU Extension’s oil and natural gas educational programs, visit or contact Georgette Plaugher at 304-329-1391, or e-mail

WVU Extension Oil and Natural Gas programs are for educational purposes only, and are not intended as a substitute for legal advice. Always consult a licensed attorney before signing any legal document.



CONTACT: Georgette Plaugher, WVU Extension Service

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