On Sept. 1, the ASPIRE Office, the Office of Undergraduate Research and the Pre-Health Professional Development department will move to Honors College administration. These programs had previously been under University College administration.

In keeping with WVU’s aim for a more student-centered campus, the administrative changes will help to create seamless opportunities for students.

“By bringing these units into Honors, we can better ensure synergy between departments,” says Ken Blemings, dean of the Honors College. “For example, many students who participate in undergraduate research would make great candidates for the scholarships and fellowships offered through ASPIRE. Or, a student who plans to study medicine might find great undergraduate research opportunities that can help narrow her healthcare interests.”

Blemings stresses that the services available from ASPIRE, Undergraduate Research and Pre-Health Professional Development are for all WVU students. “It’s a place to serve all high-achieving students, not just honors students,” he adds.

The physical offices of each department will remain where they are currently located. The ASPIRE Office is located in the Colson Hall annex, and the Office of Undergraduate Research and the Pre-Health Professional Development department offices are located in the Student Services Center building.

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“The services these departments provide are integral to a well-rounded undergraduate experience, which is the aim of WVU’s Project 168,” says Sue Day-Perroots, associate provost of undergraduate education. “This administrative move will allow us to raise the profile of these outstanding services available to our students.”

The ASPIRE Office helps WVU students apply to graduate school as well as to nationally competitive scholarships, such as Rhodes or Fulbright. The Office of Undergraduate Research connects undergraduate students with research opportunities and provides faculty guidance during the course of research.

The Pre-Health Professional Development department serves all students who wish to pursue a career in healthcare. The department helps students explore career options, prepare for entrance exams and apply to programs and schools, among many other services.

To learn more about the Honors College, visit http://honors.wvu.edu/.


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