UPDATE: Mon Power completed repairs Saturday evening on the Evansdale Campus; buildings were being brought back online at approximately 5 p.m.

Mon Power has scheduled a power outage on the Evansdale Campus beginning at 5 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 22, and lasting approximately 10 hours. A recent lightning strike damaged the primary distribution grid that provides power to WVU facilities bounded by University Avenue, Patteson Drive and Monongahela Boulevard.

Buildings affected during the outage are: Engineering Sciences, Engineering Research, NRCCE, Advanced Engineering Research Building, Mineral Resources, Creative Arts, Ag Sciences, South Ag Sciences, Greenhouse, CPASS/Student Health, Rec Center, Allen Percival Hall, Evansdale Residential Complex/Towers, Lincoln Hall, Art Museum, Museum Education Center, Coliseum, Natatorium, Shell Building, Basketball Practice Facility, Carrie Gymnastics and the Evansdale Library.

Except for the residence halls, the doors to these facilities will be locked and employees and guests are asked to stay out of the buildings during the shut down. The Rec Center will not re-open until 6 p.m. Saturday to ensure all systems are within normal limits.

The power outage will also affect the Personal Rapid Transit System, so additional WVU buses will run every half hour from the Evansdale Residential Complex to Engineering to the Downtown Campus before circling back around. Evansdale Campus parking gates will also remain open. Beginning at 7 a.m., buses will leave Bennett Tower on the hour, reaching The Loop downtown by 20 after. The return trip will begin on the half hour, reaching Bennett at 50 minutes after the hour. Buses will stop at the Engineering Loop on both routes.

Students residing in Lincoln and Towers residence halls will be provided with their full meal plan; additional bottled water stations will also be in place throughout the residence halls.

Because the Student Health Service and Mountaineer Pharmacy located in the Student Health Building will be closed Saturday, patients are being referred to Urgent Care in the Suncrest Towne Centre. For transportation, call 304-293-2677. The Pharmacy plans to re-open after 3 p.m. and remain open until 8 pm.

Some important things to remember in the affected Evansdale Campus areas during Saturday’s outage:

  • Turn off computers and electronic equipment to avoid power surges.
  • Take care of research and other critical items that may be damaged during the length of this outage.
  • Because the steam will be turned off, there will be no hot water.
  • There will also be no air conditioning while the HVAC system is down.
  • Emergency generators will keep the lights on, except in Allen Percival Hall.
  • Wired and wireless networks, telephones and Internet service will not be available during the outage. Calls will go to voicemail.
  • eCampus, MyAccess and e-mail will remain operational on other areas of campus of campus or on your mobile devices.
  • Web clocks and wall time clocks will be unavailable; supervisors should be aware that they will need to edit time cards later.
  • Cell phone service may be limited or unreliable due to the power outage. If you are concerned about cell coverage, please contact your provider. NOTE: Keep cell phones fully charged.
  • Elevators (that are not on emergency power) will not be operational.
  • Refrigerators will not have power and may defrost; store perishables, medicines elsewhere.
  • Note that area traffic lights will remain functioning as well as fire alarm systems.

Mon Power regrets the inconvenience, and expects the repairs to be completed on time.



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