George Capel, a senior political science major from Parkersburg, and Ashley Morgan, a senior sport and exercise psychology major from Columbus, Ohio, have been elected president and vice president respectively of the West Virginia University Student Government Association.

As SGA president, Capel will become the student representative on the WVU Board of Governors.

The election was held at various locations across campus Tuesday through Thursday (March 3-5). The winners were announced Thursday at 4 p.m. in the Mountainlair.

Besides president and vice president, students elected 15 members to the student Board of Governors and two athletic councilors. All elections results have been certified by the SGA Judicial Board.

Students elected to the SGA board of governors in order of votes received, and their majors, are:

  • Julie Merow, journalism.
  • Mac McIntyre, political science and economics.
  • Blake Humphrey, economics and political science.
  • Amanda Hutchinson, junior, sport and exercise psychology major.
  • Sam Shimer, sophomore, international studies and gender studies.
  • Josh Watson, sophomore, engineering.
  • Amber Kaska, freshman, business.
  • Toni Moneyhun, junior, psychology.
  • Dustin Seabolt, sophomore, political science.
  • Shani Waris, freshman, engineering and economics.
  • Madison Thompson, freshman, engineering.
  • Trevor Kiess, freshman, business.
  • Lauren Dirkman, freshman, pre-pharmacy.
  • Shurman Riggins, sophomore, business.
  • Sean Fitzwater, junior, political science and history.

Students elected to the SGA athletic council in order of votes received:

  • Sommers Taylor, sophomore, sport and exercise psychology.
  • Matt Ferrara, junior, sport management.

The new officers will assume their new positions at an inauguration in April at a date to be determined.

All the winning candidates represented the Make a Difference Party. The unsuccessful parties were the Experience Party led by presidential candidate Stephen Scott and vice president Anthony Braxton and the Youth Party led by presidential candidate Spenser Wempe and vice president candidate Andrew Sealy.



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