West Virginia University has extended an offer to purchase the assets associated with the Mountain State University campus in Beckley, President Gordon Gee announced today (Dec. 31). MSU has indicated its intent, subject to court approval, to accept the offer.

“After the initial due diligence period, it became quite clear that West Virginia University truly has a unique opportunity to better serve the people of the state by having a presence in Beckley,” Gee said. “We look forward to creating a collaborative, innovative, and forward-thinking campus to create the best educational environment for all students of our state.”

West Virginia University entered an exclusive due diligence agreement in November to explore the purchase of the Beckley campus. The University extended the agreement to Dec. 29.

During that time, representatives from WVU explored the facilities, location, academic programming, student services, experiential learning opportunities, as well as the economic impact such a decision would have.

“It is the intention of the MSU board to accept WVU’s offer subject to certain settlement requirements and court approvals,” said MSU Board representative Elmer Coppoolse. “Gordon Gee and his team have demonstrated incredible vision with respect to higher education in southern West Virginia, resulting in this glorious answer to the reinvigoration of the greater Beckley economy and the future utilization of the MSU campus.”

Provost Joyce McConnell welcomes the opportunities for strategic academic programming and increased higher education collaboration in the Beckley area. “There are many areas where WVU can make an impact in the career choices and educational options for students in that part of the state,” she said. “In addition to leveraging all of the key assets of the University, we also believe that collaboration is a critical component for success.”

To that end, the University anticipates forming working groups with Concord University, Bluefield State College, other area higher education institutions, as well as civic and industry leaders to develop pathways for collaboration for the Beckley campus.

Although WVU anticipates the successful execution of a purchase agreement and ultimate acquisition of the Beckley campus, many steps remain prior to the completion of the acquisition. In the coming weeks and months, WVU will continue its analysis of facilities, academic programming, student recruitment, financial modeling, community engagement, and obtaining necessary court and regulatory approvals for the acquisition and operation of the campus.

WVU hopes to finalize the acquisition by spring of 2015.



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