Ensure a healthier harvest with the help of a perennial favorite—the 2015 West Virginia University Extension Service Garden Calendar—available at local WVU Extension Service County Offices beginning the week of Dec. 22.

“Good gardens take more than a green thumb to produce,” Steve Bonanno, WVU Extension Service interim director, said. “Gardens benefit from careful planning and selection. Our agents and specialist have outlined the best ways to ensure a bountiful harvest.”

The free garden calendar features monthly articles to help gardeners Plan for Abundance in 2015. From germination to preservation, topics cover everything from soil testing and planting, to harvesting and hardiness zones. The content is written with a broad audience in mind, for “green” gardeners and seasoned pros.

The calendar provides day-to-day planting and harvesting reminders for the entire year. It also helps gardeners to decide what plants grow best in their area and when to plant them, by way of a planting zone map. Daily tips range from when to design your garden layout to when to prune bushes and turn compost.

To obtain your free garden calendar, while supplies last, contact your local WVU Extension Service office. To learn more about WVU Extension Service, visit www.ext.wvu.edu.



CONTACT: Cassie Thomas, WVU Extension Service
304.293.8735, Cassie.Thomas@mail.wvu.edu

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