West Virginia University students with dining plans are now able to share extra meals and Dining Dollars with those in need through a new Share-A-Swipe program.

Students that have the Mountaineer or Select 15 Dining Plan can share one of their three daily swipes. Students with the Gold, Blue, Upper Class Elite or Upper Class Express Dining Plan may share as many of their remaining swipes as they’d like.

Students are welcome to treat a friend at any location on campus that accepts Dining Plans or Dining Dollars. To share a meal, you must be present with your ID and friend. Students aren’t allowed to give their IDs to others when sharing swipes with friends; the student must be present.

WVU Dining Services and WVU’s Student Government Association would like to encourage students to Share-A-Swipe with those in need of a meal.

“There are so many students on campus who are in need of a warm meal, but they are so busy studying, they wear themselves out,” said Julie Merow, governor in the Student Government Association. “Lots of students with Dining Plans complete their year without using their full Dining Plan. We’d like to see some of these extra swipes and Dining Dollars go towards stressed out students as opposed to going unused.”

As students are busy preparing for final exams and completing semester projects, a warm meal or a hot cup of coffee could be just the thing to keep a fellow Mountaineer motivated. All students with Dining Plans are encouraged to share their remaining swipes and Dining Dollars with others.

“It’s getting close to finals season, and we know how stressful a season that can be for our students. When we redesigned our Dining Plans back in 2013, we wanted to add a lot of flexibility to our plans, including the ability to share swipes and Dining Dollars more often,” said Bryan Jarrell, public relations manager with Dining Services. “Between finals and the holiday season, this is the perfect time to remind students that sharing swipes is a tangible way to help one another as the semester ends.”

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CONTACTS: Bryan Jarrell, Dining Services
304.293.4106; Bryan.Jarrell@mail.wvu.edu


Julie Merow, Student Government Association
304.293.4460; jemerow@mail.wvu.edu

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