Daniel Vasgird, director of the West Virginia University Office of Research Integrity and Compliance, spoke at the International Forum on Research Ethics in Seoul to help expand the conversation about research ethics on a global scale.

Nearly 10 years ago, the academic research community in South Korea came together to actively focus on ethics policies. In cooperation with the South Korean government, they passed legislation and established research ethics programs such as IFRE to prevent and address issues of misconduct.

Vasgird says that sharing institutional perspectives and experiences across borders is beneficial for all.

“It serves us well to keep in mind that a foundational cornerstone for science is communalism,” he explains. “Boiled down to its essence this simply means sharing, both of data and ideas.”

The two-day conference was hosted by the Ministry of Education, the National Research Foundation of Korea, the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies and the Korean Council for University Education.

Participants discussed the ethical challenges that institutions will face as cross-boundary research collaborations become more commonplace. Topics included institutional culture, prevention and education, international review board policies and plagiarism. Featured speakers from South Korea, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States shared their experiences.

“Research flourishes when the global public that supports it and makes use of its products has high regard for its ways and means,” Vasgird says. “For the most part, the public bestows on science the responsibility of hope for the future. Respect and trust are crucial commodities in that transaction.”

At WVU, the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance works to help faculty, staff and students comply with all applicable federal, state and institutional requirements and policies. Research integrity and compliance areas covered by Vasgird and his office include human subjects’ protections, animal welfare, conflict of interest and the responsible conduct of research.

Vasgird will be a speaker at the Fourth World Conference on Research Integrity in Rio de Janeiro in 2015.



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