West Virginia University’s National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) and the West Virginia Division of Energy Clean State Program will join forces Thursday (Oct. 23) to conduct a National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day Odyssey event as part of the Governor’s Energy Summit at Stonewall Resort.

Odyssey is the largest nationwide alternative fuel vehicle awareness event. More than 100 locations across the U.S. are conducting events as part of National AFV Day Odyssey this year, promoting the use of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles to improve the environment and lessen dependence on foreign oil.

The Governor’s Energy Summit, titled “West Virginia: Committed to a Sound Energy Future,” will feature speakers and presenters from around the country on topics including the state of coal in 2014, the effects of EPA regulations, the marketing of post-mined lands and benefits of alternative energy.

“We are very happy to bring National AFV Day Odyssey to the Governor’s Energy Summit,” said Bill Davis, NAFTC director. “The work of the NAFTC to bring gaseous fuel vehicles to West Virginia and Governor Tomblin’s efforts go hand in hand. The NAFTC stands ready to support Governor Tomblin in this effort.”

Seizing the opportunity to provide awareness to the Summit attendees about the benefits of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles, the NAFTC and the West Virginia Clean State Program will provide a speaker line-up and conduct presentations on the past, present, and future of gaseous fuels in West Virginia. Speakers from companies who have actively been developing infrastructure for the fuels, and those who have transitioned their fleet to natural gas and propane will discuss their experiences with the fuels. Natural gas and propane vehicles will also be on display throughout the summit so that attendees can view and interact with the vehicles.

The event at the Governor’s Energy Summit is one of many Odyssey events hosted by U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities Coalitions.

“More than half of the events being conducted across the U.S. are either hosted or co-hosted by U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities coalitions, just like the Governor’s Energy Summit Odyssey event, which is hosted by the West Virginia Clean State Program,” said Judy Moore, NAFTC assistant director for communications and outreach and the National AFV Day Odyssey coordinator.

Reducing America’s oil dependency and our transportation system’s environmental footprint are at the heart of Clean Cities’ efforts. The Clean Cities program recently announced its nearly 100 coalitions across the nation reached a major petroleum-reduction milestone—reducing one billion gallons in 2013 alone. The West Virginia Clean State Coalition and its stakeholders have led the charge in West Virginia, saving 299,964 gallons of petroleum in 2013 alone. Nationwide, Clean Cities and its stakeholders prevented the production of 7.5 million tons of greenhouse gases in 2013. This is equivalent to removing more than 1.5 million cars from the road.

The West Virginia Clean State Program will be celebrating their 20-year anniversary as part of the event.

“The NAFTC is happy to be able to include the West Virginia Clean State Program in this year’s Odyssey. They are a great partner and we are very happy to congratulate them on 20 years of great successes in advancing alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles in the state of West Virginia,” added Davis.

Created in 2002 by the NAFTC, Odyssey is a biennial, nationwide celebration to promote the use of, and educate the public about, alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. Since its inception, Odyssey has reached more than 400 million people.

The NAFTC is a nationwide program founded in 1992 to promote clean energy options for transportation through AFV education. Based at WVU, the NAFTC and its more than 50 consortium member schools from Maine to California remains the only nationwide alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle training organization in the United States.



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