West Virginia University issued the following statement regarding the disturbances following Saturday, Oct. 18’s football game:

It is unfortunate that some fans, not all of whom were students, engaged in riotous behavior following the football team’s outstanding victory over the 4th-ranked Baylor Bears. The focus should have been on celebrating our team, coaches and their achievement.

The behavior exhibited last night will not go unpunished, either by the courts or the University. All law enforcement agencies, as well as University officials, are reviewing videotapes and social media posts. Where individuals can be identified, they will face immediate charges and arrest. In addition, as the WVU Student Conduct Code covers student behavior on- and off-campus, any students found to be involved in the activities will face appropriate sanctions, up to and an including expulsion.

WVU President Gordon Gee expressed his disappointment regarding the behavior and his expectations for students at West Virginia University. “This is not acceptable Mountaineer behavior. It is not ‘partying’ to set fires, tear down fences or throw bottles at police. It is criminal and will be dealt with as such. I have zero tolerance for students who wish to act in such a way that it demeans the achievements of our institution and its faculty, staff, students, alumni and our Morgantown community.

“It is time this University, together with our students, embody and exhibit a code of conduct that makes Mountaineers everywhere proud. Each of us needs to accept individual responsibility for our actions and understand we each represent West Virginia University. We will work together to ensure incidents like this do not happen again.”

The University is appreciative of the actions of the Morgantown Police Department, the Morgantown Fire Department and other cooperating agencies in preventing serious injury.



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