West Virginia University Extension Service is giving West Virginians fact-based knowledge and unbiased advice to protect their assets and make informed decisions about oil and natural gas drilling leases with two educational programs this October.

The programs are hosted at WVU Extension offices on Oct. 28 and 29 in Upshur and Preston counties. Programs start at 6 p.m. and a question and answer session will take place after each presentation.

The Upshur County program will take place at the WVU Extension office on Main Street in Buckhannon on Oct. 28. The Preston County program will take place at the Extension office on Oct. 29 in Kingwood on West Court Street.

The sessions will help West Virginia landowners and mineral rights owners to make informed decisions about oil and natural gas leases, whether renewing a current contract or renegotiating it. Participants can leave the education program with a better understanding of lease contract details and contract “fine print.”

“Many of the contracts that were signed in the early years of Marcellus Shale will be ending soon,” said Georgette Plaugher, WVU Extension Service Natural Gas Education program coordinator. “Landowners can get information about how they should proceed with renewal and renegotiating from experts in the field.”

During the programs, WVU Extension agriculture and natural resources agents will present on oil and natural gas processes and leases. Eric Gordon, an attorney with experience writing and negotiating natural gas leases, will also be available to answer legal questions.

WVU Extension’s Preston County Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent Bill Shockey explains that attendees can learn about many of the variables associated with leases and contracts during the program.

“A lease or contact that works for one person, might not work the same way for another,” remarked Shockey. “Landowners and mineral rights owners should ensure they know the details of an oil and natural gas drilling lease and contract, and how it can affect their specific situation before committing or signing a legal document.

“That’s where Extension comes in,” he added. “We can offer West Virginians unbiased, trusted University research to help them in making these important decisions.”

WVU Extension Oil and Natural Gas programs are for educational purposes only, and are not intended as a substitute for legal advice. Always consult a licensed attorney before signing any legal document.

For more information about WVU Extension’s oil and natural gas educational programs, visit anr.ext.wvu.edu/oil_gas or contact Georgette Plaugher at 304-329-1391 or Georgy.Plaugher@mail.wvu.edu.



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