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Each one of West Virginia University’s 30,000 students has a story to tell. Project ME, a project launched today (Oct. 1) by University Relations, is helping to illustrate those narratives.

Take Jessica Hall for example. The Canton, Ohio native is pursuing her Ph.D. in biochemistry and spends most of her time on campus in a lab at the Health Sciences Center. When she leaves for the day, often she’ll spike her short blonde hair and head to the roller rink. There, to her teammates on the WVU roller derby squad, she’s called “Peptide Blonde.”

While growing up, Hall would spend every Friday and Saturday night at the local roller rink. While studying at WVU and earning her undergraduate degrees in forensic and investigative science and biology, she also really enjoyed playing powder-puff football and rugby. In the last few years, she found the one sport that seemingly combines all of these activities – roller derby.

“When I’m in the lab, I don’t spike my hair and keep it pretty tame,” she said. “When I go out for derby though, it’s a different story.”

Her story is just one of many in which students at WVU found what they’re most passionate about while studying at the University. You can read more about her and watch a video at

In addition to passion, Project ME also focuses on the experiences and emotions of students … like the nerves and excitement the Class of 2018 had prior to starting their WVU journey. You can see the responses from students we interviewed at

Project ME is an initiative to recruit and retain high-quality students to West Virginia University and show them there is a home for here. The project will unveil a new student story each month. If you know of a student who has a great story to tell, submit your suggestion for Project ME at



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