Students and parents struggling to make the back-to-school transition, from grade school to grad school, can get advice from West Virginia University Extension Service experts during a live, online Q&A session from noon to one p.m. on Wed. (Aug. 27).

The Q&A takes place on WVU Extension Service’s Facebook page and includes a panel of experts whose experience range from handling school work stress to preparing healthy meals for the dorm room or a lunchbox.

According to Jane Riffe, WVU Extension Service Families and Health specialist, the anxiety of the unknown can cause stress for students, children and parents. Riffe, who is a licensed social worker, can offer tips on how to deal with stress and anxiety from attending a new school to leaving home for college.

Eric Murphy, WVU Extension Service Families and Health agent for Monongalia County and board certified counselor, can offer advice to help parents and young people reduce stress and find techniques to channel it in a positive way.

WVU Mountaineer Parents Club Executive Director Sabrina Cave will offer information on how parents can stay connected with their children while they’re off to college.

“College is a big transition for the student leaving home for the first time to the parent who is struggling with an empty nest,” Cave said. “We know from experience that there are positive ways to stay connected and we can help highlight those options for you.”

WVU Extension Service’s Family Nutrition program specialists, Amy Gannon and Beverly Glaze, can answer questions about how to keep kids on track with healthy, easy school lunches and dorm room meals.

The next Ask the WVU Extension Expert session takes place on Wed., Sept. 3, from noon to one p.m. and will cover fall gardening.

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