A West Virginia University engineering professor recently authored a textbook on advancements in the production of coal bed methane.

Kashy Aminian, of the petroleum and natural gas engineering department of the Statler College, has written about the vast coal resources in the United States. These resources continue to produce tremendous amounts of natural gas, contributing to a diverse range of energy assets.

“Coal Bed Methane: From Prospect to Pipeline” captures the full life cycle of a well. It addresses crucial technical topics, including exploration and evaluation of coal bed reservoirs, hydraulic fracturing of CBM wells, coal seam degasification and production engineering and processing, among others. It also covers legal issues, permitting and economic analysis of CBM projects.

“There are very few books on the subject of coal bed methane and this one covers everything from exploration to gas processing for commercial utilization,” said Aminian, who plans to use the textbook in two senior-level classes taught in the department.

The book, Aminian’s first, was co-authored by Pramod Thakur, manager of the coal degas group with Murray American Energy in Morgantown, and Steven Schatzel, lead research scientist in the Office of Mine Safety and Health Research at the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The book, which will be available in September, was published by Elsevier Science and Technology.



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