Looking for ways to ensure your child has a successful summer camp experience? If so, log on to West Virginia University Extension Service’s Facebook page on Wednesday (May 21) at noon to “Ask the WVU Extension Expert.”

From selecting a camp to dealing with homesick children, WVU Extension Service’s camping experts will answer user-submitted questions that parents are often faced with when sending their children to camp.

Thousands of youths from across the West Virginia participate in WVU Extension Service’s 4-H Camping program—a program that often sets the standard for 4-H camping across the United States and internationally.

Organized 4-H camping actually began in Randolph County in 1921. Since that time, it has been an integral part of WVU Extension Service’s youth development program throughout the state. WVU Jackson’s Mill was the nation’s first state 4-H camp and hosts four weeks of 4-H camping each year.

So, after the campfire burns, not many other state 4-H programs can say they know camping like WVU Extension Service’s 4-H camping experts, faculty and staff.

WVU Extension Camping Specialist Matthew Schm�ck helps develop camp programming statewide for the more than 9,000 of West Virginia youths enrolled in WVU Extension’s camp programs, including 4-H and Energy Express.

Debbie McDonald, WVU Extension Service 4-H and Youth Development director, has extensive experience in camping, including expertise in the essential elements, which are at the core of what 4-H and 4-H camping help to instill in youths at camp. A sense of belonging for all, the opportunity for learning, self-confidence and independence, along with the respect and care of others are all parts of 4-H camping and 4-H programs which McDonald helps to embed into programs statewide.

Lifelong 4-H’er Becca Fint-Clark has spent many summers as a 4-H camper but now helps to plan residential and day camps in her role as WVU Extension Service’s Monongalia County 4-H agent. Fint-Clark has an excellent grasp of what adults and youth alike should look for and come to expect from a summer camp.

Weekly sessions of “Ask the WVU Extension Expert” will continue throughout the month of May.

During the live Q&A on May 28, WVU Extension will host another session of “Ask the WVU Extension Expert” on the topic of gardening.

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