West Virginia University is amending its procedure for the handling of requests under the West Virginia Freedom of Information Act.

Pursuant to WVU Board of Governors Policy 55, the procedures will be posted for the 10 business days, beginning May 5, before going into effect on May 21, 2014.

In an effort to continue efficient and timely processing of FOIA requests, the amended procedure establishes reasonable rules and regulations related to the submission FOIA requests, lowers the current copy fee from $1 per page to 25 cents per page, and institutes a search-and-retrieval fee of $25 per hour.

The fees will only apply for FOIA requests which result in more than 200 pages of documents or require more than two hours to search, retrieve and compile. If the documents are provided on a CD, the current charge of $10 will remain.

It is anticipated that a majority of requests will not incur any additional charges as a result of these changes.

For example, in 2013, of the 259 separate FOIA requests the University received, only 21 resulted in a release of more than 200 pages. Through April of this year, the University has released more than 8,800 pages of documents in response to 125 separate FOIA requests. Of those, only nine requests resulted in a release of more than 200 pages.

The amended procedure can be found at: http://legalaffairs.wvu.edu/foia .



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