The West Virginia University Percussion Ensemble will present a free recital at the Creative Arts Center, Friday, April 4.

The concert begins at 7:30 p.m. in the Antoinette Falbo Theatre.

According to Percussion Director George Willis, the concert will feature the classic xylophone music of George Hamilton Green, played by the WVU freshmen marimba band.

“The ensemble will also perform ‘Toccata’ by Mexican composer Carlos Chavez,” he said. “These two works continue in the 80-year tradition of the percussion ensemble genre.”

He said there will be two new works on the program this spring. “Bicksa” by Tom Hasenpflug is a high energy quartet, featuring the senior players in the Percussion department. The other work is entitled “Exploration of Time” by Eckhart Kopetzki. “Exploration of Time” and “Toccata” will be conducted by graduate percussion students Chad Sebroski and Mitch Greco.

For more information, contact the WVU College of Creative Arts at 304-293-4359.



CONTACT: Charlene Lattea, College of Creative Arts

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