West Virginia University Extension Service wildlife management specialists will use infrared technology to estimate deer numbers in Morgantown from March 31– April 3. The study will be turned over to city officials in hopes of helping provide an accurate count of the population.

“Urban deer populations, if left uncontrolled, can be problematic for the residents,” Sheldon Owen, WVU Extension Service wildlife management specialist, said. “Not only do they pose risks to drivers, but they can cause serious damage to landscaping, gardens and crops.”

Communities across the state have been looking for ways to deal with the growing white-tailed deer populations. Owen said this count will help Morgantown know how many deer really are in the area so that city leaders can develop and evaluate their deer management plans.

The study uses forward-looking infrared technology to locate deer and estimate population numbers. A group of trained WVU Extension as well as WVU Division of Forestry and Natural Resources personnel will travel predetermined city routes beginning at dusk and ending around 11 p.m. These counts will run for three consecutive nights, depending on weather.

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