As always, West Virginia University employees and students are reminded to use extreme caution and good judgment in deciding whether to travel to and from work—or classes—today (Thursday, Feb. 13) as another winter storm hits the area. Particularly, employees and students should pay special attention to conditions in their respective areas.

Supervisors are asked to work with employees who are unable to report – or need to leave early—due to these extreme weather conditions. Employees who do not work their full scheduled shift may take annual leave, compensatory time off or, at the supervisor’s discretion, may be permitted to make up those hours. Any questions about scheduling issues should be addressed to an employee’s supervisor. Employees with further questions should call their supervisors.

Similarly, faculty should alert students of any class cancellations due to weather, and students should do the same with faculty if they are unable to attend class.

Students and employees should also monitor WVU’s several information channels – WVUToday, MIX, social media outlets such as Twitter (@WVUToday, @WestVirginiaU) and Facebook ( and broadcast news outlets – for further information.



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