Charline Rowland has always advocated for women to have an active role in education leadership. This semester, she has the opportunity to develop her own leadership skills after being selected to be a member of the West Virginia University Women’s Leadership Initiative.

The Women’s Leadership Initiative, organized by Provost Michele Wheatly and P.I. Reed School of Journalism Dean Maryanne Reed, seeks to empower women in leadership roles by providing the tools and training necessary for them to develop their leadership skills.

“We founded the Women’s Leadership Initiative here at WVU because we have so many exceptionally talented women at all level of faculty and administration,” Wheatly said. “With more than 100 women engaged in the initiative, we have been delighted with the program’s success.”

Though women have always taught in the classroom, it is only recently that they are taking on leadership roles in higher education.

Rowland, an associate professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction/Literacy Studies at the College of Education and Human Services, has been active in educational leadership throughout her career. From 2003 to 2006, she served on the board of directors for the International Reading Association, and led the Board of Research Foundation for the National Council of Teachers of English. Currently, she is the summer director of the WV Health Sciences & Technology Academy (HSTA), which focuses on getting underserved and minority students into higher education.

Rowland believes that her previous experience in educational leadership, combined with taking part in the Women’s Leadership Initiative, is a sign that women are becoming more present (and accepted) as leaders.

“I am so glad that WVU has decided to recognize and develop a program to grow their women leaders,” Rowland said. “I am also glad they recognize the valuable role and contributions that women are making in higher education.”
While Rowland is the only faculty member from the College to be part of the initiative, she hopes that being part of it will further enhance her leadership skills and enable her to lead the way for others to address university-wide endeavors, specifically for faculty and students.



CONTACT: Christie Zachary, College of Education and Human Services

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