West Virginia University Extension Service is helping to combat the number one killer in West Virginia, heart disease, by offering free, heart health education resources to West Virginians.

February is a time to celebrate the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute’s educational campaign, The Heart Truth�, to raise awareness of heart disease. Heart disease kills 2,200 people a day in America, according to Elaine Bowen, WVU Extension Service health promotion specialist.

“Heart disease can be a silent killer,” Bowen explained. “Our resources can help you to identify and lower your risks and empower yourself to take charge of your health.”

The national campaign materials have been customized by WVU Extension Service’s Families and Health specialists and agents with West Virginians in mind.

“We have a culture in West Virginia that is very family and community focused,” she said. “Our programs takes into account that you can be even more successful in a heart health program if you join a local walking group or take a cooking class with a friend or neighbor.” Several counties have volunteers who are trained to conduct heart health activities.

The resources available through WVU Extension’s Love Your Heart Movement are on the web at fh.ext.wvu.edu/health. Materials are also available at local offices of the WVU Extension Service.

The website includes everything from healthy recipes and walking challenges to personal risk assessment tools.

“Our WVU Extension resources are tried and true examples of small, easy ways to get you on track for a heart-healthy lifestyle in February and all year long,” Bowen said.

WVU Extension faculty will also be sharing their messages on social media during the month of February. Follow @WVUExtension on Twitter; “like” WVU Extension Service on Facebook; follow WVUExtension on Instagram. Or, share your own tips by tagging with #WVUext.

To learn more about ways WVU Extension uses trusted research and local experts to empower citizens to improve their health, visit www.ext.wvu.edu, or contact your local office of the WVU Extension Service.



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