Nathan Martin, CEO of the award-winning Pittsburgh-based advertising agency, Deeplocal, will present a visiting artist lecture at the West Virginia University School of Art and Design, Thursday, Jan. 30.

The event begins at 5 p.m., in the Creative Arts Center’s Bloch Learning and Performance Hall (200A) and is free and open to the public.

Deeplocal is a small agency that engineers new products on its own, while also performing paid service work for advertising clients.

In 2009, the company worked with W+K Portland to build the Nike Chalkbot, a tweet-fed, chalk-spraying hydraulic robot that traveled the roads of the Tour de France printing messages of inspiration for the Livestrong Foundation. The project drew contributions from thousands of people worldwide with no traditional advertising expense and swept industry award shows, winning a Grand Prix at Cannes, a Webby, an Andy, a Clio, and many others. It was Deeplocal’s first advertising project.

Since then, Deeplocal has created numerous other award-winning projects that span hardware, software, mobile, design, and PR. The firm has worked on various projects for mainstream brands. For Gap, it built a system to track a reindeer during the holiday season, with sales and discounts tied to the animal’s movement. It also worked with Nike on its 2010 World Cup “Write the Headline” effort, which projected game headlines in different languages onto urban buildings.

Deeplocal has become synonymous with innovation and CEO Nathan Martin speaks about Deeplocal’s processes at events around the world.

This year’s School of Art & Design Visiting Artist Lecture Series explores themes related to the School’s Global Positioning Studies program. GPS is an interdisciplinary visual art and design initiative that positions students at the crossroads between a local sense of place and a global understanding of that place in the world. For more information, see:

For more information about Deeplocal, see the website at:

See the Nike Chalkbot video:



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