In an effort to help prepare West Virginia University students for finals exams, the Academic Resource Centers and the Mountaineer Academic Program have partnered to host the “Final Exam Cram” on Monday (Dec. 9) from 6-10 p.m. in Hatfield’s in the Mountainlair.

The Final Exam Cram will provide students with the opportunity to ask any remaining questions regarding finals, discuss course content and develop a study plan to help alleviate stress and test anxiety during finals week, which takes place Dec. 12-18.

“Final exams can be the most difficult time of the semester. Knowing how to prepare for a final and how to handle the stress before and during a final can become the key elements to success,” said Courtney Teets, program coordinator for Student Success and Retention Programs. “The event is designed to educate students on University-wide resources such as free tutoring and student success coaches

“Our goal is to provide all WVU students with the tools and resources necessary to achieve academic success.”

Students will also have the opportunity to meet Gretel, the Carruth Center for Psychological and Psychiatric Services service dog.

WELLWVU had therapy dogs in the Mountainlair during final weeks last year and recognized how much they helped students relieve anxiety and stress,” Teets said. “This year we are fortunate to have Gretel participate in our event.”

At the event, students may also pick up a free No. 2 pencil and a Scantron sheet for an upcoming exam. Refreshments, prizes and other giveaways will be available.

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CONTACT: Courtney Teets, Student Success and Retention Programs

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