The West Virginia University Wind Symphony, a select group of the finest wind and percussion performers at the University, will present a concert Tuesday, Nov. 19, featuring professor of Music and School of Music Director H. Keith Jackson, as trombone soloist.

The performance begins at 7:30 p.m. in the Lyell B. Clay Concert Theatre of the Creative Arts Center.

It will be conducted by John Hendricks III and Christopher J. Nichter. Jackson will perform in “Divertimento for Trombone and Band,” a new trombone concerto by Jack Stamp.

The 50-member Wind Symphony performs at a near-professional level presenting at least four concerts each year comprised of the finest classical and contemporary wind literature.

The program includes:

“Grand Funeral and Triumphal Symphony: Apotheosis” by Hector Berlioz/Richard Franko Goldman, a “Grand Symphony” that was commissioned in 1840 by the French government for the 10th anniversary of the July Revolution and the re-interment of the victims into the new monument erected at the Place de la Bastille. This final movement develops into a march-like hymn of glory as the tomb is sealed.

“Mare Tranquillitatis” by Roger Zare, a new work that depicts the beauty and isolation of the moon’s Sea of Tranquility. This is the famous location where Apollo 11 landed and the first man set foot on the lunar surface.

“Music for a Festival” by Gordon Jacob, an English work that is reminiscent of a classical suite both in arrangement and in style, with movements alternating between brass choir and full band. Two of the 11 movements will be performed.

“The Gum-Sucker’s March” by Percy Grainger. “Gum-sucker” is an Australian nickname for Australians born in Victoria, the home state of the composer. The eucalyptus trees that abound in Victoria are called “gums,” and the young shoots at the bottom of the truck are called “suckers,” so “Gum-sucker” came to mean a young native son of Victoria.

“Fantasia in G” by Timothy Mahr, a piece that was inspired by the opening line of Johann Friedrich von Schiller’s poem “Ode to Joy” which was made famous by Beethoven in his “Symphony No. 9.”

“Selections from La Boutique Fantasque” by Gioacchino Rossini/Ottorino Respighi, arranged by Don Godfrey/Erik Leidzen. This music is taken from a ballet depicting a doll shop in which all the customers are tourist-type caricatures. Included will be the following dances: Danse Cosaque, Allegro non troppo, Mazurka, Andantino and Galop.

“Divertimento for Trombone and Band” by Jack Stamp is a five-movement work depicting these varying styles: Proclamation, Soliloquy, Interplay, Epitaph and Funk. Jackson, who will perform on this piece, was also part of the Jack Stamp Trombone Consortium that commissioned this work. Jackson has been a member of the WVU music faculty since 1995 and Director of the School of Music since 2007. He is active in both classical and jazz styles as a performer and clinician. He is a member of the Pittsburgh Jazz Orchestra and the Pittsburgh Ballet Orchestra.

Hendricks is the conductor of the WVU Wind Symphony. He serves as director of bands in the WVU School of Music and is also assistant dean of recruiting and retention for the College of Creative Arts.

Nichter is assistant director of both the WVU Marching Band and the Basketball Pep Band, and serves as one of the conductors for all three WVU concert bands. He also teaches music education courses in the WVU School of Music.

For concert tickets and information, call the WVU Box Office at (304) 293-SHOW.



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