West Virginia University Extension Service experts offer advice to get you through everything “back to school” from breakfast and budgeting to battling anxiety.

Preparing students physically and emotionally

Parents can learn how to help ease children’s nervousness about returning to the classroom with advice from Jane Riffe, licensed social worker and WVU Extension’s emotional wellness expert. Riffe provides a list of tips to help parents put children at ease about returning to the classroom. Visit www.bit.ly/WVUESschoolanxiety to view the list.

“Parents tend to focus on the tangible parts of preparing for school,” Riffe said. “They worry about having school supplies ready and lunches packed. What they sometimes fail to consider is that children need to be emotionally prepared to enter the classroom, too.”

Riffe provides tips to help create a balance between the physical and emotional needs for parents and children when transitioning to a fall schedule. This list is available at www.bit.ly/WVUESparentsguide.

Providing healthy meals to boost performance levels

WVU Extension Family Nutrition Program’s Amy Gannon, registered dietician, proves that a brown bag lunch doesn’t have to be short on nutrition or flavor. In her list of healthy lunch ideas and snack items, Gannon showcases wallet-friendly meal ideas for the average family. To view the list, visit www.bit.ly/WVUEShealthylunches.

Gannon also recommends starting the day with a nutritious breakfast.

“Kids who eat breakfast have better concentration in school, perform better in math and reading and score higher on standardized tests,” Gannon said.

To view her suggestions for healthy meals on the go, visit www.bit.ly/WVUESbreakfast.

Budgeting and good credit management for college students

WVU Extension’s Family Finance Specialist Ron Hatfield warns college students to beware of gimmicks and incentives to open high-interest credit cards.

“Students don’t want to spend years of their lives climbing out from under credit card debt acquired in college,” Hatfield warned.

To view a list of budgeting best practices, visit www.bit.ly/WVUEScreditcards.

For more advice on family finances, health and wellness, visit WVU Extension’s Families and Health programs website at http://www.fh.ext.wvu.edu, or contact your local county office of the WVU Extension Service.



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