The Center for Democracy and Citizenship Education, an extension of West Virginia University focused on civic education and outreach, will present “Mission of the Land Grant University in the 21st Century” to the public at 5 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 25 at the Erickson Alumni Center. The discussion is part of a day-long program hosted by the Center, “Institutional Citizenship,” which will take place from 1-6 p.m.

The “Mission of the Land Grant University in the 21st Century” focuses on how collaborative efforts can yield results that greatly benefit not only the university, but its greater community. The goal of the discussion is to steer WVU in the direction consistent with its 2020 Strategic Plan for the Future, which seeks to establish the university as a prominent research entity active in global outreach by 2020. The session will include thoughts from guest speaker A.G. Rud, a distinguished professor at Washington State University, also a land-grant institution.

“Land-grant universities are a distinctive American contribution to higher education,” said Rud. “They form a vital backbone to our economy and our democratic way of life through research, outreach and a pathway to higher education. Their focus upon practical education and applied research make them a vital state and national resource in changing economic and political times.”

Center Director Robert A. Waterson, Ph.D, an associate professor at the WVU College of Education and Human Services, has long been an advocate for institutional engagement and outreach, what he describes as “institutional citizenship.” Both he and Rud believe it is vital to initiate thoughtful and diverse discussion on how educators, especially those in land-grant institutions, should strive to have a greater impact beyond simply imparting knowledge.

“The primary purpose of the ‘Mission of the Land Grant University in the 21st Century’ program is to bring West Virginia University a very distinguished speaker who has experience at other outstanding land-grant universities,” said Waterson. “I feel it is critical to keep in the forefront ideas and perspectives from others that offer the opportunity to create conversation sparks within our university community, the state and beyond.”



CONTACT: Christie Zachary, College of Education and Human Services

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